Why use Raid Odorless?

Reasons to use Raid Multi Insect Killer Odorless before you invite friends to your home?

  1. 1 Because bugs have to be the centre of attention.
  2. 2 Because bugs make terrible guests
  3. 3 Because bugs never clean up after themselves
  4. 4 Because bugs never tell good jokes.
  5. 5 Because bugs never know the latest gossip.
  6. 6 Because nobody invited the bugs
  7. 7 Because It’s girls night. Not bugs night!
  8. 8 Because bugs are always the last to leave a party.
  9. 9 Because girls talk is just between us girls. No bugs allowed!
  10. 10 Because bugs never bring nice gifts.
  11. 11 Because you want the party buzzing, not the bugs.
  12. 12 Because you have more interesting things to talk about than bugs.

Get Rid of Them

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