Get Rid Of Them

Everyone loves a party. It’s a chance to relax with your friends, have fun… and get the latest gossip! But if you’re the host, you want everything to be just right. Which means a bug-free home you’re proud to show off.

Why protect your home from bugs?

Bugs are unsanitary
They love feasting on your leftover food and scraps, and love hiding in hidden spots in your home.

Bugs are unhealthy
Mosquitoes can pass on serious diseases including Dengue fever with a single bite.

Bugs are unsightly
It’s difficult to relax in a home full of bugs – and it’s even more difficult to welcome your guests if you’re constantly worrying about insects.

How can you kill bugs at home?

If you see a bug, reach for RAID MULTI INSECT KILLER ODORLESS. It’s specially formulated to give fast killing power against both flying and crawling insects in and around your home:

For fast knockdown
Spray directly at the insect.

To kill flying insects
Spray into an empty room with doors and windows closed, then leave for 15 minutes. Ventilate thoroughly before re-entering.

To kill crawling insects
Spray from a distance of 50cm onto places where bugs crawl or hide. Leave the surface to dry, and you’re done.


How do you stop them coming back?

Close your blinds and shut your windows at night
Bugs are attracted by light, so make sure there are no openings to let mosquitoes and other bugs in.

Clean up and throw out the trash
Bug love leftover food and drink (a few drops of fruit juice can power a roach for days), and they like laying eggs in moist, dark trash containers even more. So clean up floors and kitchen surfaces, keep food in airtight containers – and store rubbish outside.

Make bug protection part of the housework routine
Spray each room after you’ve cleaned it, for effective bug prevention.

Spray bugs away
Use RAID MULTI INSECT KILLER ODORLESS to treat any spots in your home where you’ve seen bugs before as well as any dark corners or crevices where they could be hiding.

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Raid Multi Insect Killer Odorless kills flying and crawling bugs, fast.
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